Our Values


Honey processing

We process honey in our own production facilities in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Moldavia and Russia).


We audit beekeepers and suppliers in order to inspect extracting and homogenizing plants as well as laboratory facilities to ensure due diligence

Consulting Services

We are the experts in honey processing as well as food logistics. We are happy to share our knowledge.

Food logistics

We provide logistics services to deliver goods to our clients.


Our value chain

  • Quality control
  • Evaluation of organoleptic characteristics
  • Inspection certificate
  • Laboratory testing of residues (own methods ELISA and RANDOX)
  • Physio-chemical control (moister, colour, HFM, acidity)
  • Warehousing
  • Using special thermal tins to transform honey into the liquid state
  • Feeding on the production line
  • Homogenizing honey from different providers in receiving containers
  • Controlling quality in internal lab
  • Quality control of the finished product by an independent European laboratory (QSI, Intertek, Food QS)
  • Filling line into drums
  • Labelling and sealing

APINEC ensures Food Safety

Quality and Specifications


APINEC is registered: U.S. FDA Registration 12578444742



We are cooperating with the best laboratories to ensure highest quality.


According to the approved analysis methods and their lower detection limit the sample corresponds to the EC regulation VO (EG) 470/2009 in connection with VO(EU) 37/2010 with externally accredited laboratories.

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